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Thursday, September 11th, 2008
9:34 pm
some nice pictures

achocha take over barbed wire!

sorting potatoes behind the quinquilla!


many lovely things!

best looking vegetable ever.

Sunday, July 27th, 2008
3:13 pm
shiny shiny dull dull
so last night i helped put on a gig, despite the fact i promised myself i never would ever again. there was stress and a few moments of remembering why i never wanted to put gigs on again (everyone in bands seeming miserable/why is no one here?/why is the lady downstairs so weird? etc etc) and although gruel missed out on some theatrics it was still really good fun. i was pleased that a lot of good people came that wouldn't usually be at gigs because it made it more fun.
then i came home and fell asleep on the sofa with gin.

tomorrow i'm going on a holiday with me mam to cornwall. i'm very excited. we have never been away with just the 2 of us, with my sister being younger and all. i think we will have a good bonding time, i like having time with her. i also realised that it will be a good opportunity to not drink everyday, like i love to do. better make sure i get a couple of pints in this afternoon, don't want my body to get too smug. keep it on it's toes.

i am feeling a bit aimless in general, after finishing my first year at school it's a bit like finishing school when i used to go there as a youth, innit. i remember the summer after my gcse's when i spent the whole time sitting on my wall in the sun, pining after andy (ha!) and feeling bored. so i'm finding it hard to celebrate and spend my time wisely, even though i'm fucking well pleased with myself for managing that year at school.

so hopefully this time away will help me clear my weak mind and i will come back full of power. then my next holiday will be off to shambala to see the wales friends! hippy festivals here i come.
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
8:16 pm

and only 2 injuries (both on me of course)!

other than that life going well, steadily descending into alcoholism?
Monday, December 31st, 2007
9:58 am
well, it's lovely to be home. even lovelier to wake up without a feeling of dread as i managed to not have a whole night of disaster dreams last night, unlike all the other nights recently. as i walked home i noticed some graffiti about selling social housing for profit, it was very neat. i hope our landlady doesn't have to see it, because she seems nice, i hope that people coming to see the flat do see it and then decide not to move here. that would be good.

xmas was nice, inactivity, food, lots of playing with tilly, the best cat ever.

i like looking back on 2007, i think it was a good year. i'm looking forward to 2008 because my birthday will be 08/08/08, which must be special. pity i won't be 88. or 80808. many things happened, i do like that pretty much every year is an improvement on the last, at least in some ways.

the less i write in livejournal the sillier it seems, i plan some things i might write but then decide it's too silly. i was going to write about how excited i am because in 2008 2 of my friends will be having babies, or about some of the bizarre situations my new job has put me in (listening to eazy e and sorting wild flower seeds with a 13 year old who has previously stolen my wallet). (did you notice that clever way of mentioning them?)

i'm a bit scared of 2008 because i know i will have to find a new house, and i love this one so much, and also i will have to try and earn more than £75 a week by getting more work.

oh well, time for some more amaretto coffee, mmm. enjoy new year you 'orrible lot.
Saturday, December 8th, 2007
11:22 am
gin and tonic cake mark 2
EDIT : mark 1 was better, this was too doughy. i will have to try again.

so i'm trying my updated recipe for gin and tonic cake, right now. slightly marred by the fact my silly springform cake tin has started leaking and i'm too scared of the neighbours to ask to borrow a cake tin where the cake doesn't pour out the bottom. yeah!

9 tbs flour
2 tbs soya flour (should have mixed in with liquid to stop it going lumpy, but i didn't, so it's lumpy)
6 tbs sugar
1 tsp bicarb
1 tsp baking powder
mix all together

200 ml oil
300 ml of a nice gin and tonic mix, with some angostura bitters
mix together and then mix into dry ingredients

and at the moment it's on as mark 3, probably for about an hour.

ice with glace icing with lime zest and juice and gin in it.

mark 1 was ok, but a bit too sweet and crumbly, 2.0 has less sugar and some soya flour.

this afternoon i go to leeds for curmudgeon, hopefully with above cake under my arm, unless it is a gin-and-tonic-failo-cake.
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
10:12 pm
bendy cindy
hello old friend!
i am writing this from my new adult life where i sit writing on my laptop and thinking about paper work while the neighbour plays the softest of jazz. i'll be putting the central heating on next!
had a nice weekend, though it ruined me. a night out with a lot of chattering, lovely story time from miss clare and seeing mr ben the explorer again.
Thursday, August 30th, 2007
4:21 pm
a long long a lang lang a
hello here's an entry.

1. i am in my office at the university of manchester. it is not really my office, it belongs to someone who is in hong kong for a while. i am supposed to use it now and then to do some transcription for someone. instead i use it as my lifestyle office (for checking freecycle, sending emails and spinning on the spin-chair).

2. after countless 'informal chats', but luckily no form-filling or interviews, i have been offered a job as a "therapeutic horticulturalist". i am very excited about it. i'm not entirely sure what/where/when this will all happen yet because the man who is employing me is quite badly organised but he seems nice and is open about his lack of organisation. there will definitely be some work in a school one-on-one and with small groups and there might be some work with newly arrived asylum seeker kids or in a beautiful hidden tropical-victoriana glasshouse on the edge of manchester.

3. i love freecycle. yesterday we got some mega speakers. we carried them home. i have such stiff arms now. haven't tried them out yet, they might eb shit, but they look like a drum and bass dj bought them in 1995 for 300 pounds.

4. i went on a brilliant seed saving course and got the best tomato seeds ever.

5. still waiting to hear if the st. paul's allotment has got any funding which is a bit annoying because i don't know whether i should make any plans for it or not.

6. looking forward to another army for the boredoms/michael gira.

7. fiona is going to japan! tomorrow i go to her party in leeds and get to see my little tilly cat for the first time in months. she still pisses all over the hall and my mum has brought plug-in cat drugs to try and calm her down so she stops.
Monday, June 11th, 2007
7:12 pm
i'm really upset today because i just got a letter from the council telling me i can't have my job on the summer playscheme anymore because everything went wrong in getting the stuff they needed for my crb check. of course 'cos it's the council they didn't fucking give me any warning or a deadline or anything so i just got a letter telling me then had to try and ring up to complain but get all emotional and just did some crying instead. so i've been trying to write a strongly worded letter but i'm not very good at that. fucking stupid city council disorganisation - it's not just me either apparently they've lost a few people over this.
however, at least i have a house now. with an oven even (not that it's connected yet).
bad mood!
Monday, May 14th, 2007
9:46 pm
i saw a new white cider today called "three hammers", i liked that.

we saw "28 weeks later" last night. i didn't like that.
Sunday, May 13th, 2007
3:14 pm
When she is not scheming, Johanna likes to invent clarinet dances and non-sequiter nicknames.
all is well!

wythenshawe forever is going well. we have an allotment finally and spent last week clearing it. met the kids the week before and made hanging baskets with them out of shopping baskets nicked from morrisons, i really hope they work out and they don't just die. been making loads of origami seedling pots and my peas, beans and pumpkins are coming up! yay.
i do have to decide if i'll go to supersonic festival or the big party that wythenshawe forever is all leading up to where there will be a bike powered photo copier and giant soup pot stirrer. crap (by which i mean the decision not the bike powered things).

the most exciting thing of all is that pretty much for certain ad and i will be moving into the redbricks. ha ha ha. we have a lovely big garden with herbs and a pond and a big jasmine bush. the only problem is that there is no oven so we might have to buy one, which will cost money which is not something we have loads of. so if anyone wants to give us a gas oven which works that would be great. all very exciting.

i have summer playscheme work too! and so does laura, so that's nice.

also i'll be finishing at the wholefood shop soon and i get to go and visit ad on the farm at the beginning of june, which be a nice holiday.

i wrecked my weekend a bit by having a really bad hangover after andy's birthday night out (which was otherwise jolly fun). this meant i slept all day yesterday, missed helena/kath/chris's eurovision party and failed to do any of the useful things i needed to do. it wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't spent 4 days last weekend trying to force myself onto party island with prolonged imbibing.

i'm off to plant some nasturtiums.

Friday, April 20th, 2007
8:20 pm
today i made my boss cry, not on purpose, we were just having a discussion about "benefit scum" which made her recall a bad time in her life and then cry. i feel very terrible about it. i hope she will not hate me now.
i am pleased because i am allowed to help on the wythenshawe forever project where i will grow vegetables with school children. i am quite excited. i need to start doing some reading and research for good things to grow and tips tips tips galore. it feels exciitng to be part of a project again.
i am also going to visit a housing co-op in hebden this weekend to see if i could live there. i just don't know!
lazy today...
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
12:00 am
witching hour! (educational)
what ho!
a pretty nice weekend, lazy, but nice. some hot chefing, including another jelly cheesecake which i am still very proud of - how can one make a fruit flavour vegan cheesecake set? yes! jelly, cream cheese and cream all whizz together to make a delightful and slightly mousse-like topping, not perfectly solid, but good. mango and ginger, mmm.
so adam was up for the weekend, we went to meanwood park and got some birch sap for the first time. i always mean to do it in spring but then think it will be hard so put it off 'til it's too late. real easy though, just drilled a wee whole in a decent sized silver birch, at a slightly upward angle, just a few cm, until it started to ooze. then stuck a biro casing in it with a bottle tied to the end. about half an hour later we had a wee bit of it (we might have got more if we'd done it a few weeks ago, that's supposed to be when the sap flows fastest). it was clear and tasted of really clean water at first, but after a few sips you got a really nice slightly sweet and starchy taste, a bit like rice milk. it was well nice, i'll have to get loads next year, it's supposed to make an ace wine.
then we went to subdub. i was in a grumpy mood and have gammy old man's knee, so we didn't stay for long. but ye gods have i ever heard such a sound system? i want to go again but armed with some serious earplugs so i don't feel so much like i'm going to die. there was a really good mix of people there, i am really beginning to appreciate scally boy's style, i might like to emulate. the best dancer ever was there, and he looked just like ryu from streetfighter. he was worth a tenner.
saw 300 on sunday. i think i wanted it to be a more gripping blockbuster than it was, but it did make me giggle. my favourite bit was the person with the goat head. the dialogue was real bad, i thought, and it made some cheap jokes - but then it was made for teenage boys i suppose. i liked how all the spartans had perfect teeth and the marauders quite bad teeth too.
ladyfest this week. i am annoyed i said i could volunteer on wednesday night because it means i miss termite club, which would probably have been one of the good bits 'cos mel's doing it, oh well, there you go. there'll be some fun to be had, i'm sure.
manchester next week to hopefully catch up with some folks at tara jayne oldfield or whatever she's called and see if i can volunteer on this wythenshawe forever project, growing vegetables with kids. i would really love that.
all the best!
Thursday, March 15th, 2007
11:46 am
don't say what you're about to say...
hello. on tuesday night i went to see daniel higgs in a crypt in skipton, complete with pickled victoriana boy. i enjoyed it and liked his resounding voice (daniel higgs, not the pickled boy), despite losing concentration towards the end because i was thinking about something which i'd heard on the radio that had annoyed me. it was nice to see nick, lee and ant, though i didn't stay over because i was feeling a little glum. on the train on the way back someone told me celtic frost was sold out and it made me realise how much i really had wanted to go. when i woke up yesterday morning i was in a terrific mood, which was only heightened by my finding out that celtic frost was far from sold out. goody goody! off we went bradford bound, armed with a bottle of buckfast and a brain full of coffee. we got there too early and found out that the nearby pub was no longer, though it still had a lovely beer garden, so we popped into the offie next door. and what did we buy but a bottle of bucky (another!) and a copy of "i'm a woman" magazine, or similarly titled. as we were reading "my fibroids made me look 5 months pregnant" an estonian named "victor", attracted by the scent of buckfast and strains of real life stories, came to join us and gave us a lesson on the evils of british colonialism. we parted, firm friends, and headed out to rios. watain first. candles! incense! very nice. legion of the damned i enjoyed, though can't remember, perhaps because they got rid of the candles? celtic frost were ace. at some point during the set i decided that "1997" and various celine dion lyrics were the most hilarious heckles that could possibly exist, especially when he told us the story about his mum dying. oops. kreator played last. to heckle them i wished i knew how to say "i cannot take you seriously because your vidoes are so rubbish" in german, i couldn't (heena? can you tell me?) so had to settle for "neunzehnhundertsiebenundneunzig". at least we were entertained by the thought of celtic frost reading "i'm a woman" magazine backstage, because we chucked it at them. i was really tired when i got home, so i went straight to bed. but was plagued by strange half waking dreams where i had to sort various tomato based products onto the shelves at the wholefood shop. for hours. now i think a non-day where i am too tired to do anything.
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
10:38 pm
what a nice weekend. seeing apatt was incredible. trencher were good too but i'd forgotten how to push to the front so it was mostly just like listening to a record only loud. found the buckfast newsagent in hyde park, just across the road from the royal park. ad's back on the farm now.

today i went to the opticians for the first time in 5 years. it was quite exciting. my eyes have got better! and i now know my prescription so i can join in worse-off competitions with statto and heena. i am +6.5 in one eye and +6.25 in the other. my astigmatism is worse though, but as i didn't even know i had one before it is quite exciting. i have a well bad headache from spending ages squinting at myself in new frames trying to pick some. my new ones are quite horrid i think, but i don't get them 'til next week. the fashion in glasses now seems to be in big plastic frames, so i got some. it's kind of better than getting nickel free metal ones because that is expensive but it does mean i will look like quite a cool dude and have "ted baker" written all over my head.

i just read in heena's journal that there's a page here - http://www.nonexiste.net/lj.php?count=100&refresh=-10 where you can see the 100 most recent images posted on livejournal. bizarre. when you look it at you see a lot more pictures of flowers than you would expect, some excellent images of russian life and also things like this (which may well also be an image of russian life).

Thursday, March 1st, 2007
1:24 am
i've been playing computer games!
ye gods they've got modern! you can play them without strings and make little versions of yourself go bowling and be much better at it than you are in real life. and you can play guitar in a real band while the audience sighs with disapointment as you make mistakes and you grip so hard at the ukelele sized controller it nearly breaks. it's the future. i want to play more computer games now, but i can't because i don't have any.
it was nice to see michael and kat as well, and their cats who have a robotic japanese cat toy based on the mind of a real mouse.

tomorrow i need to do something useful, playing more computer games would be good but i'll have to think of soemthing else as i have none to hand. i need to think about what i will do after april. i think i need to at least have an idea that something might happen or else i will become miserable. there are so many things i need to do this year. learn to drive and learn some skills and maybe play more computer games too. i definitely need to get better at the computer game "guitar hero". changes are needed. perhaps i will cut off my big dreadlock, i put so much nuture into it at first it feels as though the removal of even part of it will invoke some kind of rite of passage. days are so easily wasted in this house. i wonder if it has anything to do with this computer? hmm?

ps anyone know where to buy buckie in leeds? need some for saturday.

pps i forgot to say how much i liked hot fuzz. even though it had NO ZOMBIES in it. unfortunately the other patrons of the cinema were rather reserved and i may have embarrassed myself.
Monday, February 26th, 2007
10:02 pm
tonight i was madam loser and instead of going to the ladyfest squat meeting i missed the bus and made excuses to myself about how i would get lost in chapeltown, just so i wouldn't have to go on my own to a place where i might not know people. this was weak behaviour. especially because if i stay in leeds for much longer i will quite need to find another place to live, this was part of my selfish reason for going. oh well, i'll go next time.
instead we wrapped the cat in newspaper and pretended she was fish and chips.

despite looking rather displeased in the photograph she adored it. oh yes.

- i got myself a job three days a week in the wholefood shop round the corner from me mam's house. it's quite good and you get nearly as many mad people as the library. i'll do it at least 'til we go visit mike abbott in his forest.
- ad comes to visit this weekend and there is chinichilla fest and rock of ages. not fucking bad.
- an excellent weekend was had in manchester. port and cake and dressing up at the house of dragula. i was a monacle in decreased level of opulence. these past months have been hard for him, he's lost some of his glamour, and i forget to ever put his facial hair on because i was too excited. humey looked like a victorian gent and heena was nigel the drag queen who worked in planning (she looked particularly dashing when one of her false eyelashes fell off). first of all we went to a hippy "cabarave" in a big room in ancoats. we thought it would be more exciting than club brenda. eh-uh! completely shitting rubbish. so we added daz to our repertoire and off we trundled to islington mill via a cool dude bar where we drank stolen drinks. we were so glad when we got to islington mill. we all danced very well and felt proud of ourselves the next day for being clever enough to leave the hippies.
Monday, February 5th, 2007
3:12 pm
the combination of nick and london is pretty brutal. last night we went to some cool dude clubs where the fashion students all go. we were a bit scared we would't get in so we had to dress up. initial plans of wearing nick's queen mother costume were dashed when we realised i just actually looked stupid. so instead i just smeared some green make up on my face and it won't wash off. then we went to a club with a fucking swimming pool in! off we went to buy a drink and then go for a swim, alas! by the time we returned the pool was closed. nick then proceeded to find the promoter of the club and tell him we needed to swim and we had come all the way from l.a. "money's not an issue, just tell me how much it would cost to open the pool for me and my friend". it didn't work.
eventually we came home to eat cheese and chocolate sauce sandwiches.
now we are broken. nick is lying in his bed saying "i think it's all over for me". i don't even remember what the music sounded like. i think maybe drinking bottles of champagne we found on the table may have introduced some bad drugs to our bodies.

it is nice to be home form spain and able to understand all the words that are said to me.
visiting kathleen in barcelona was ace. she was a good tour guide and tald us many facts. the city was a bit crazy, but i quite liked it. everyone just chucks stuff they don't want onto the street for other people to sort through. we found entire old people's houses spilled onto the street (complete with medication, brain scans and wigs! and loads of knitting and sewing stuff).
it was nice to be somewhere where there was loads of stuff going on, squatted cafes and libraries. a beach just like muscle beach! and of course good hanging out with kathleen because i had never really done that before.

now jess is back in leeds, it is a bit weird her not being her anymore. a couple of days in bristol to see rosie and then to see ad at last in wales.
then who knows...
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
1:47 pm
more later, but just for now - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxrER-dAamM yes, it's a video my father morris dancing to the ghostbusters music surrounded by youthful fans.
Thursday, January 25th, 2007
7:56 pm
so, we have finally given up and are making our plans to return home, via barcelona to see kathleen on monday and then via london to see nick, and then via a weekend back on the farm with the rats and the adam and the rain.

today we cheered ourselves up in many ways
- making creatures out of snow with the children instead of eating breakfast
- running away to town after lunch because we were bored of not being given any work to do
- buying the poshest cakes we could from the poshest cake shop in the posh town of oviedo and eating them on soto de rey train station

i am looking forward to the weeks ahead, and hopefully we will enjoy our last few days on bradford farm more now we know we´re off.
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
8:35 pm
quickly quickly, found a free internet in the shadow of the giant behemoth which fills our valley - http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g201/honourjohanna/sotopower.jpg (which itself is reminisceint of bradford) with fumes and stench. so the place we are at now is not the most picturesque or tranquilo, but it is kind of ok. we dug up a hibernating lizard today, which was exciting, probably not for the lizard which might die now, but it was ace to imagine the things which dwell in this rainy land in the summer.
madrid never did sucumb to our food hunt, and poor jess was sick all the way to oviedo.
however, i have decided to give up on the whole spain thing a bit. i will not really learn much spanish, but hopefully we´ll have an ok week on the bradford farm (where i understand pretty much nothing which is happening) and then an exciting time visiting kathleen in barcelona. i´m really looking forward to going home. i cannot seem to find out how at the moment. i am considering trying to ride the train for free through france (apparently they aren´t supposed to kick you off, as long as you have id they´re supposed to send the fine to the british consel who then throw it in the bin, so i´m told) because i don´t want to hitch in a country where i can´t speak the language. probably the coach in the end, though i can´t work out how much it will cost...
looking forward to getting back, yes yes yes.
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