johanna (carrot_teeth) wrote,

gin and tonic cake mark 2

EDIT : mark 1 was better, this was too doughy. i will have to try again.

so i'm trying my updated recipe for gin and tonic cake, right now. slightly marred by the fact my silly springform cake tin has started leaking and i'm too scared of the neighbours to ask to borrow a cake tin where the cake doesn't pour out the bottom. yeah!

9 tbs flour
2 tbs soya flour (should have mixed in with liquid to stop it going lumpy, but i didn't, so it's lumpy)
6 tbs sugar
1 tsp bicarb
1 tsp baking powder
mix all together

200 ml oil
300 ml of a nice gin and tonic mix, with some angostura bitters
mix together and then mix into dry ingredients

and at the moment it's on as mark 3, probably for about an hour.

ice with glace icing with lime zest and juice and gin in it.

mark 1 was ok, but a bit too sweet and crumbly, 2.0 has less sugar and some soya flour.

this afternoon i go to leeds for curmudgeon, hopefully with above cake under my arm, unless it is a gin-and-tonic-failo-cake.
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