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When she is not scheming, Johanna likes to invent clarinet dances and non-sequiter nicknames.

all is well!

wythenshawe forever is going well. we have an allotment finally and spent last week clearing it. met the kids the week before and made hanging baskets with them out of shopping baskets nicked from morrisons, i really hope they work out and they don't just die. been making loads of origami seedling pots and my peas, beans and pumpkins are coming up! yay.
i do have to decide if i'll go to supersonic festival or the big party that wythenshawe forever is all leading up to where there will be a bike powered photo copier and giant soup pot stirrer. crap (by which i mean the decision not the bike powered things).

the most exciting thing of all is that pretty much for certain ad and i will be moving into the redbricks. ha ha ha. we have a lovely big garden with herbs and a pond and a big jasmine bush. the only problem is that there is no oven so we might have to buy one, which will cost money which is not something we have loads of. so if anyone wants to give us a gas oven which works that would be great. all very exciting.

i have summer playscheme work too! and so does laura, so that's nice.

also i'll be finishing at the wholefood shop soon and i get to go and visit ad on the farm at the beginning of june, which be a nice holiday.

i wrecked my weekend a bit by having a really bad hangover after andy's birthday night out (which was otherwise jolly fun). this meant i slept all day yesterday, missed helena/kath/chris's eurovision party and failed to do any of the useful things i needed to do. it wouldn't be so bad if i hadn't spent 4 days last weekend trying to force myself onto party island with prolonged imbibing.

i'm off to plant some nasturtiums.

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