johanna (carrot_teeth) wrote,

witching hour! (educational)

what ho!
a pretty nice weekend, lazy, but nice. some hot chefing, including another jelly cheesecake which i am still very proud of - how can one make a fruit flavour vegan cheesecake set? yes! jelly, cream cheese and cream all whizz together to make a delightful and slightly mousse-like topping, not perfectly solid, but good. mango and ginger, mmm.
so adam was up for the weekend, we went to meanwood park and got some birch sap for the first time. i always mean to do it in spring but then think it will be hard so put it off 'til it's too late. real easy though, just drilled a wee whole in a decent sized silver birch, at a slightly upward angle, just a few cm, until it started to ooze. then stuck a biro casing in it with a bottle tied to the end. about half an hour later we had a wee bit of it (we might have got more if we'd done it a few weeks ago, that's supposed to be when the sap flows fastest). it was clear and tasted of really clean water at first, but after a few sips you got a really nice slightly sweet and starchy taste, a bit like rice milk. it was well nice, i'll have to get loads next year, it's supposed to make an ace wine.
then we went to subdub. i was in a grumpy mood and have gammy old man's knee, so we didn't stay for long. but ye gods have i ever heard such a sound system? i want to go again but armed with some serious earplugs so i don't feel so much like i'm going to die. there was a really good mix of people there, i am really beginning to appreciate scally boy's style, i might like to emulate. the best dancer ever was there, and he looked just like ryu from streetfighter. he was worth a tenner.
saw 300 on sunday. i think i wanted it to be a more gripping blockbuster than it was, but it did make me giggle. my favourite bit was the person with the goat head. the dialogue was real bad, i thought, and it made some cheap jokes - but then it was made for teenage boys i suppose. i liked how all the spartans had perfect teeth and the marauders quite bad teeth too.
ladyfest this week. i am annoyed i said i could volunteer on wednesday night because it means i miss termite club, which would probably have been one of the good bits 'cos mel's doing it, oh well, there you go. there'll be some fun to be had, i'm sure.
manchester next week to hopefully catch up with some folks at tara jayne oldfield or whatever she's called and see if i can volunteer on this wythenshawe forever project, growing vegetables with kids. i would really love that.
all the best!
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