johanna (carrot_teeth) wrote,

don't say what you're about to say...

hello. on tuesday night i went to see daniel higgs in a crypt in skipton, complete with pickled victoriana boy. i enjoyed it and liked his resounding voice (daniel higgs, not the pickled boy), despite losing concentration towards the end because i was thinking about something which i'd heard on the radio that had annoyed me. it was nice to see nick, lee and ant, though i didn't stay over because i was feeling a little glum. on the train on the way back someone told me celtic frost was sold out and it made me realise how much i really had wanted to go. when i woke up yesterday morning i was in a terrific mood, which was only heightened by my finding out that celtic frost was far from sold out. goody goody! off we went bradford bound, armed with a bottle of buckfast and a brain full of coffee. we got there too early and found out that the nearby pub was no longer, though it still had a lovely beer garden, so we popped into the offie next door. and what did we buy but a bottle of bucky (another!) and a copy of "i'm a woman" magazine, or similarly titled. as we were reading "my fibroids made me look 5 months pregnant" an estonian named "victor", attracted by the scent of buckfast and strains of real life stories, came to join us and gave us a lesson on the evils of british colonialism. we parted, firm friends, and headed out to rios. watain first. candles! incense! very nice. legion of the damned i enjoyed, though can't remember, perhaps because they got rid of the candles? celtic frost were ace. at some point during the set i decided that "1997" and various celine dion lyrics were the most hilarious heckles that could possibly exist, especially when he told us the story about his mum dying. oops. kreator played last. to heckle them i wished i knew how to say "i cannot take you seriously because your vidoes are so rubbish" in german, i couldn't (heena? can you tell me?) so had to settle for "neunzehnhundertsiebenundneunzig". at least we were entertained by the thought of celtic frost reading "i'm a woman" magazine backstage, because we chucked it at them. i was really tired when i got home, so i went straight to bed. but was plagued by strange half waking dreams where i had to sort various tomato based products onto the shelves at the wholefood shop. for hours. now i think a non-day where i am too tired to do anything.
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