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the combination of nick and london is pretty brutal. last night we went to some cool dude clubs where the fashion students all go. we were a bit scared we would't get in so we had to dress up. initial plans of wearing nick's queen mother costume were dashed when we realised i just actually looked stupid. so instead i just smeared some green make up on my face and it won't wash off. then we went to a club with a fucking swimming pool in! off we went to buy a drink and then go for a swim, alas! by the time we returned the pool was closed. nick then proceeded to find the promoter of the club and tell him we needed to swim and we had come all the way from l.a. "money's not an issue, just tell me how much it would cost to open the pool for me and my friend". it didn't work.
eventually we came home to eat cheese and chocolate sauce sandwiches.
now we are broken. nick is lying in his bed saying "i think it's all over for me". i don't even remember what the music sounded like. i think maybe drinking bottles of champagne we found on the table may have introduced some bad drugs to our bodies.

it is nice to be home form spain and able to understand all the words that are said to me.
visiting kathleen in barcelona was ace. she was a good tour guide and tald us many facts. the city was a bit crazy, but i quite liked it. everyone just chucks stuff they don't want onto the street for other people to sort through. we found entire old people's houses spilled onto the street (complete with medication, brain scans and wigs! and loads of knitting and sewing stuff).
it was nice to be somewhere where there was loads of stuff going on, squatted cafes and libraries. a beach just like muscle beach! and of course good hanging out with kathleen because i had never really done that before.

now jess is back in leeds, it is a bit weird her not being her anymore. a couple of days in bristol to see rosie and then to see ad at last in wales.
then who knows...
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